Shimano Curado K Series Fishing Reel Carbon Drag Washer Upgrade Kit CD18

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Description: Shimano has made another fine reel and Dadsoletackle has the improvement that makes it the best reel on the market for now. This kit contains Two Carbon Fiber Drag Washers for inside the main gear and under the main gear that will increase your 11lb drag to about 45 lb drag. This set will fit all the new Curado K series reels. The reel comes with a carbon drag however is is not as productive as it should be.

Carbon Fiber drag washers offer the best stopping power and smoothness than any other drag system along with a great high heat tolerance. Carbon Drag washers deliver up to 20% more drag power and a smoother drag across the board than the original felt or plastic drag washers.  They eliminate drag jerking due to sticking drags that can cause line breakage and reel damage. These Carbon Drag washers last 10 times longer than factory drag washers they are less sensitive to moisture so cleaning them is a breeze and re-greasing them is also a breeze. Amazing Smoothness and stopping power.  No more lost fish due to sticking drags.

 These Carbon washers are shipped dry. For optimum performance, we recommend a light coating of drag grease.  We offer 1/2oz and 2oz containers of Cal's Universal Drag and Reel Grease, Shimano Universal Drag and Reel and Universal Drag and Reel Grease
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