D35 Set of 6 - 3x10x4mm - Ceramic Hybrid Bearing open

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Description: Six 3x10x4mm Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearings Made in Japan with super high quality Stainless Steel complete with 7 high density ceramic balls, very tight tolerance race for supreme performance. This bearing will perform better than most bearings in its class and outlast most bearings on the market today. These are super fast high quality stainless steel bearings. The bearings come without shields oil or grease, add your favorite oil or grease. The open bearings are easy to clean and maintain. These fit most brands of reels. These bearings are for the Ambassadeur round reels with the bearings going inside the side plates. Most newer Ambassadeur round reels will have two bearings inside the spool that are 4x10x4mm and we do not have those Ceramic Hybrid in stock at this time. Please email if you're not sure if these are what you need.

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