Boyd Duckett Pro Driven Fishing Reel 360RB 7.1:1

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Looking for a super-smooth, powerful reel for your tournament fishing? The Duckett Fishing 360 Baitcast Reels are made by tournament bass fishermen, for tournament bass fishermen. With an industrial-quality 11-bearing system and beefed-up carbon drag, plus all the bells and whistles elite bassmen count on every day, the 360 Series puts the edge in the hands of the competitive angler.

This baitcaster is built on a 1-pc. diecast machined frame with carbon composite side covers, ensuring the perfect balance of strength, weight, and durability. No flex, no fatigue, no giving in on those 50-bass days. The extra-wide, aircraft grade machined Duralumin spool is exceptionally light and true, driven by a quality 11-bearing system with authentic industrial-grade bearings; expect long, straight casts and smooth retrieves with even line lay. Zero anti-reverse ensures precise lure control followed by eye-crossing hooksets. The tandem magnetic and centrifugal cast control allows you to put your lure in the fish zone irrespective of wind and weather—and hooked fish will almost always make it into the boat, thanks to Duckett Fishing's Consistent Drag System™ (CDS), which delivers up to 14 lbs. of sustained drag in the heat of battle. Stacked carbon drag washers dissipate the heat efficiently and deliver smooth, relentless pressure over an extended service life.

So go ahead, lean on that fish. All Duckett 360 Baitcast Reels are equipped with a heat treated, A7075 Duralumin handle with cut-resistant paddles that conform to your grip for maximum leverage. And then go join the other Duckett Fishing enthusiasts waiting in line at the bump tank.

  • Made by and for tournament bass fishermen
  • 1-pc. diecast machined frame
  • Carbon composite side covers
  • Aircraft grade machined Duralumin spool
  • Wide spool design for greater castability
  • 11-bearing system with industrial-grade bearings
  • Zero anti-reverse
  • Tandem magnetic and centrifugal cast control
  • Consistent Drag System—14 lbs. max drag
  • Stacked carbon drag washers
  • Heat treated, A7075 Duralumin handle
  • Cut-resistant forming paddles
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