K67 - Super Tune Upgrade Kit for many Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6000 6001 6500 6501 6600 6601 Bearings & Carbon Drag Washers

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For Modern Abu Reels with bearings inside the spool.  For reels with bearings in the Side Plate please contact us to be sure you get the correct parts.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Dual Super Fast Stainless Steel Bearing Worm Gear, Cog Wheel with Super Fast Stainless Steel Bearing and two Super Fast Stainless Steel Spool bearings, one set of 4 Smoothdrag Carbon Drags
Upgrade many 6000 6001 6500 6501 and 6600 6601 C3 C4 and C5 Ambassadeur baitcast reels right or left hand models.
K67= 1 each CD101, K83, K22, 2each D06- 4x10x4 bearings


Condition: NEW

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| Scot 12-09-2021 04:29

I own 4 ABU reels all from the mid 1980's and early 90's.
A 4600 "ROYAL" , 5500C , 5600C and a 6500C. I heard about DadsOleTackle "Super Tune Kits" and wanted to give one a try and see how it improved one of my reels. I was so impressed with the results that I purchased 3 more kits for the rest of them!
PRE KITS: With the spools empty (on the 4600, 5600 & 6500) and all spools tension set to a hint of play, I could only spin the spools to get the level wind to travel 1 time across the "worm gear."
POST KITS: I can now spin the spools and the level wind glides across the worm gear 3 full times on each reel, that is 200% further travel!
The most dramatic difference was my vintage (made in 1985) 5500C. I used this reel the most and the original bearings were worn out. Pre kit, I could only get the level wind to travel 1/2 a worm gear distance. After kit installation it now it goes 3 full times which is a 500% increase!
Besides the ability to cast lighter baits and cast them further, the reels now retrieve silky smooth! In addition, the Super Tune kit includes carbon fiber drag washers to replace the OEM plastic washers. (be sure to buy either Shimano or CALS drag washer grease, i bought cals) These washers make your drag silky smooth (especially when you grease them) and increase the drag power too. My ABUs are rated factory at 15#s of drag and that should increase to around 18#s according to my research on these carbon washers.
These kits dont just replace parts, they improve due to superior bearings (rated ABEC 5 and made in Japan) and an added bearing in the cog and a second bearing to support the worm gear. (the 4600 worm gear came factory with no bearings, it rotated on 2 plastic bushings)
I needed a new pawl to replace the worn out one in the 5500C. I decided to buy 4 ceramic pawls just to finish upgrading every reel. None of the reels improved level wind travel by adding the ceramic pawl. Id say definitely give one a try to REPLACE a worn pawl but its not necessary. They wont rust or corrode and are supposed to last much longer so I guess its still an upgrade.
I love these kits, they totally refreshed my ole reels and made them much better than when they were brand new.
If you're not sure exactly what kit / parts you need, give D.O.T. a call, they are super knowledgeable and friendly. I had trouble with my 5500C requiring different parts then I thought and I bought the wrong kit. After speaking with James he set me up with the proper parts and everything fit perfectly.
Unlock these classic reels potential and try a Super Tune kit today!

| Gary 17-08-2021 14:44

I purchased this kit to refurbish an old beater C3 6500 Reel. the drag was sticking and locking up, and it would cast about 15 feet if you could keep it from backlashing. I was going to throw it away and buy a new one. Well they aren't readily available around here and if you can find one the price is crazy. So I decided to take the old reel apart and give it a good cleaning and replace everything I could with this kit. It't was fairly easy to take apart clean and replace everything. When I was done and had it all cleaned lubed up, it now casts better than a new one in my opinion. I hope to check the drag out this coming weekend on some big Texhoma Blue Cats :-) Great kit, cheaper than a new reel, if you have the skills to do this you will not regret it.

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