DadsOleTackle - TSI-321 Specially Formulated Synthetic Lubricant Fishing Reel Bearing Oil in 1 oz. Needle Dropper Bottle

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TSI-32I was developed for use by N.A.S.A. in the Apollo Program. 32I is unique because of the extreme temperature range in which it operates as well as its ability to bond with the metal creating a thin film of lubrication without a greasy buildup. 32I is non-electrolytic. It will prevent metal corrosion and is not harmful to most plastics* or high alloy metals. Its unique properties have created a number of unusual applications for it such as camera lubrication and photograph polishing.

TSI-321 does not contain a solvent and is highly recommended for use where most plastics* are present.

Some advantages over other lubricants are:

• TSI-321 Cleans away rust and contamination better
• Low viscosity means superior lubrication efficiency
• Penetrates faster
• Does not attract dust, dirt or lint
• Displaces water better
• Increased wear protection
• Wider temperature range (-60°F to +450°F)
• Reduced residue
• Less flash and fire hazard. It has no flash point. It is safe to use near fires and hot metals.
• Withstands extreme pressure
• Does not conduct electricity (anti-static)
• Prevents seizure

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