BNT3095 - Shimano Handle Complete with Nut Retainer Plate and Screw

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Description: Shimano Anodized Gold Aluminum Handle set with Gray Grips fits Right hand retrieve reels. Will Fit Many different reels.  Handle is original to Shimano Cardiff Reels.  This set comes with nut for right hand retrieval reels, for left hand reels please call to have the nut swapped out to the left hand threaded handle nut.

Part Number: BNT3095, BNT2470, BNT2921, BNT2417
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Condition: NEW
Manufacturer: SHIMANO

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Original to reels listed However this will fit many Shimano Reels
CDF-100A Cardiff Baitcast Reel
CDF-200A Cardiff Baitcast Reel
CDF-300A Cardiff Baitcast Reel
CDF-301A Cardiff Casting Reel
CDF-401A Cardiff Casting Reel
CDF100A Cardiff Round Baitcasting Reel
CDF201A Round Baitcasting Cardiff
CDF400A Round Baitcasting Cardiff

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