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Part Number: BNT0697 / TLD0053

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Manufacturer: Shimano

Original To The Following Reels:

TAC8 Talica Saltwater Reel
TAC-8II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TAC-10 Talica Saltwater Reel
TAC-10II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TAC-12 Talica Saltwater Reel
TAC-12II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TAC-16 Talica Saltwater Reel
TAC-16II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TAC-20II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TAC-25II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TAC-50II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TEK-300LC Tekota Drag Reel
TEK-500LC Tekota Drag Reel
TEK-600LC Tekota Drag Reel
TLD15 TLD Lever Drag Reel
TLD20 TLD Lever Drag Reel
TLD25 TLD Lever Drag Reel
TLD1530S TLD Drag Reel
TLD2040S TLD Drag Reel
TN-10A Trinidad Drag Reel
TN-14A Trinidad Drag Reel
TN-16A Trinidad Drag Reel
TN-20A Trinidad Drag Reel
TN-30A Trinidad Drag Reel
TR-100G TR Drag Reel
TR-200G TR Drag Reel
TR1000LD Charter Special Drag Reel
TR2000LD Charter Special Drag Reel
TS-16 Torsa Drag Reel
TS-16N Torsa Drag Reel
TS-20 Torsa Drag Reel
TS-30 Torsa Drag Reel
TN-12 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-14 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-16 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-20 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-30 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-40 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-40N Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-50 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TEK300 Star Drag Reel Tekota
TEK500 Star Drag Reel Tekota
TEK600 Star Drag Reel Tekota
TN12A Star Drag Reel Trinidad A
TN16DC Conventional Reel Trinidad DC
TN20DC Conventional Reel Trinidad DC
TN30DC Conventional Reel Trinidad DC
TN16N Conventional Reel Trinidad DC
TN16NA Drag Reel Trinidad A
TS40 Lever Drag Torsa


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