K39 - Super Tune Upgrade Kit - Shimano 100D7

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Description: Shimano Chronarch CH100D7 High Speed Precision Stainless Steel Super Fast Free Spinning Bearing Super Tune Kit.  Set of 4 - 440 Stainless Steel  Precision Ball Bearings Shipped Dry for you to lube with your preferred lube.  We recommend TSI-312 available from our ebay store.

Size 3x10x4 mm 2 each,  8x12x3.5 - 1 each and 5x9x3 - 1 each

Part Number: K39 = D09, D20, D03-qty2

Quantity: 1 set of 4

Condition: NEW

Manufacturer: Japan

Combined Shipping: YES

replaces BNT0194 is the 3x10x4 side plate spool bearings

replaces BNT1024 is the 8x12x3.5 spool bearing in the frame

replaces BNT0031 is the 5x9x3 Drive Shaft Bearing

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