Shimano Multi-Purpose Screw

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Description:  Shimano Multi-Purpose Screw
Part Number: RD 5690 (BNT0817)

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Condition: NEW
Manufacturer: Shimano

Original To The Following Reels:

AX-1000FB AX Spinning Reel
AX-2500FB AX Spinning Reel
AX-4000FB AX Spinning Reel
CAE-100 Caenan Baitcast Reel
CAE-101 Caenan Baitcast Reel
CAIUS-200 Caius Baitcast Reel
CAIUS-201 Caius Baitcast Reel
CI-200G5 Citica Lowprofile Baitcast Reel
CI-200G7 Citica Baitcast Reel
CI-200G6 Citica Baitcast Reel
CI-201G6 Citica Baitcast Reel
CL-100A Calais Baitcast Reel
CL-200DC Calais Digital Control Reel
CL-201DC Calais Digital Control Reel
COR-50MG7 Core Baitcast Reel
COR-51MG7 Core Baitcast Reel
COR-100MG Core Baitcast Reel
COR-101MG Core Baitcast Reel
CT-100B Calcutta Baitcast Reel
CT-101B Calcutta Baitcast Reel
CU-200G5 Curado Baitcast Reel
CU-200G6 Curado Baitcast Reel
CU-200G7 Curado Baitcast Reel
CU-201G7 Curado Baitcast Reel
CU-300E Curado Baitcast Reel
CU-300EJ Curado Baitcast Reel
CU-301E Curado Baitcast Reel
FX-1000FB FX Spinning Reel
FX-1000RB FX Spinning Reel
FX-2500FB FX Spinning Reel
FX-4000FB FX Spinning Reel
FX-4000RB FX Spinning Reel
SC-1000FG Syncopate Spinning Reel
SC-2500FG Syncopate Spinning Reel
SC-4000FG Syncopate Spinning Reel
SE-1000FD Sedona Spinning Reel
SE-2500FD Sedona Spinning Reel
SE-4000FD Sedona Spinning Reel
SN-1000FD Sienna FD Spinning Reel
SN-1000RD Sienna RD Spinning Reel
SN-2500FD Sienna RD Spinning Reel
SN-2500RD Sienna RD Spinning Reel
SN-4000FD Sienna FD Spinning Reel
SN-4000RD Sienna RD Spinning Reel
SO-2500FI Solstance Spinning Reel
SO-4000FI Solstance Spinning Reel
SOC-4000F Socorro Spinning Reel
SOC-6000F Socorro Spinning Reel
SOC-8000F Socorro Spinning Reel
SOC-10000F Socorro Spinning Reel
SON-1000FB Sonora Spinning Reel
SON-2500FB Sonora Spinning Reel
SON-4000FB Sonora Spinning Reel
SR-1000FG Spirex Spinning Reel
SR-1000RG Spirex Spinning Reel
SR-4000FG Spirex Spinning Reel
SR-4000RG Spirex Spinning Reel
ST-6000FJ Stradic Spinning Reel
ST-8000FJ Stradic Spinning Reel
STCI4-1000F Stradic Spinning Reel
STCI4-1000FML Stradic Spinning Reel
SY-4000RJ Symetre RJ Spinning Reel
TRX-500HG Tranx Drag Reel
CH100B Chronarch Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CI200 Citica Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CI201 Citica Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CR200B Crestfire Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
AX1000RB AX Spinning Reel
AX4000RB AX Spinning Reel
CA-200 Castaic Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CH-100BPV Chronarch Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CH-100BSV Chronarch Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CH-101BPV Chronarch Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CH-101BSV Chronarch Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CI200D Citica Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CI-201D Citica Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CL100A Citica Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CM-100B Chromica Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CR-100D Crestfire Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CRX-200 Cruxis Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CRX-201 Cruxis Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CSO-100 Callisto Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CU-200B5 Curado Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CU-200B38 Curado Bantam Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CU-200BSF Curado Bantam Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CU-200DHSV Curado Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CU-200DPV Curado Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CU-201 Curado Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CU-201B5 Curado Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CU-201BSF Curado Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CU-201DHSV Curado Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CU-201DPV Curado Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CU-300DSV Curado Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel
CX2500RB CX Spinning Reel
CX4000RB CX Spinning Reel
SA-4000FD Sustain Spinning Reel
SA-5000FD Sustain Spinning Reel
SA5000FE Sustain Spinning Reel
SAR-4000F Saros Spinning Reel
SH4000FD Sahara Spinning Reel
SN-1000FB Sienna Spinning Reel
SN2500FB Sienna Spinning Reel
SN4000FB Sienna Spinning Reel
SO-1000RH Solstace Spinning Reel
SO-2500RH Solstace Spinning Reel
SO4000RH Solstace Spinning Reel
SR-1000RE Spirex Spinning Reel
SR-2500RE Spirex Spinning Reel
SR-4000RE Spirex Spinning Reel
ST-5000FI Stradic Spinning Reel
SY-4000FI Symetre Spinning Reel
SY-4000RI Symetre Spinning Reel
TYR-8 Tyrnos Conventional Reel
TYR-10 Tyrnos Conventional Reel
TYR-12 Tyrnos Conventional Reel
TYR-16 Tyrnos Conventional Reel
TYR-20 Tyrons Conventional Reel
TYR-30 Tyrons Conventional Reel
ST-4000FH Stradic Spinning Reel
CORE100MGFV Low-Profile Baitcasting Core
CU201G6 Low-Profile Baitcasting Curado
CX1000RB Spinning Reel CX
FX2500FB Spinning Reel FX
SC1000FE Sprinning Reel Syncopate
SC4000FE Sprinning Reel Syncopate
SI1000RE Sprinning Reel Sidestab
SI2500RE Sprinning Reel Sidestab
SL1000FB Sprinning Reel Slade
SL2500FB Sprinning Reel Slade
SL4000FB Sprinning Reel Slade
SO1000FI Sprinning Reel Solstace
TX1000FD Spinning Reel TX
TX4000FD Spinning Reel TX
ST-5000FH Stradic Spinning Reel
SY4000FJ Symetre Reel
SA-10000FG Sustain Spinning Reel
SA-6000FG Sustain Spinning Reel


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