Shimano E Lock

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Description: Shimano E Lock
Part Number: TGT0062

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Condition: NEW
Manufacturer: Shimano

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Original To The Following Reels:

TAC-8II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TAC-10II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TAC-12 Talica Saltwater Reel
TAC-12II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TAC-16 Talica Saltwater Reel
TAC-16II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TAC-20II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TAC-25II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TAC-50II Talica II Saltwater Reel
TEK-300LC Tekota Drag Reel
TEK-500LC Tekota Drag Reel
TEK-600LC Tekota Drag Reel
TEK-700 Tekota Drag Reel
TEK-800 Tekota Drag Reel
TLD1530S TLD Drag Reel
TLD2040S TLD Drag Reel
TN-10A Trinidad Drag Reel
TN-14A Trinidad Drag Reel
TN-16A Trinidad Drag Reel
TN-20A Trinidad Drag Reel
TN-30A Trinidad Drag Reel
TOR-14 Torium Drag Reel
TOR-16 Torium Drag Reel
TOR-20 Torium Drag Reel
TOR-30 Torium Drag Reel
TOR-50 Torium Drag Reel
TR-100G TR Drag Reel
TR-200G TR Drag Reel
TS-16 Torsa Drag Reel
TS-16N Torsa Drag Reel
TS-20 Torsa Drag Reel
TS-30 Torsa Drag Reel
TN-12 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-14 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-16 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-20 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-30 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-40 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-40N Trinidad Conventional Reel
TN-50 Trinidad Conventional Reel
TYR-8 Tyrnos Conventional Reel
TYR-8II Tyrnos II Conventional Reel
TYR-10 Tyrnos Conventional Reel
TYR-10II Tyrnos II Conventional Reel
TYR-12 Tyrnos Conventional Reel
TYR-12II Tyrnos II Conventional Reel
TYR-16 Tyrnos Conventional Reel
TYR-16II Tyrons II Conventional Reel
TYR-20 Tyrons Conventional Reel
TYR-30 Tyrons Conventional Reel
TYR-50LRS Tyrons Conventional Reel
TEK300 Star Drag Reel Tekota
TEK500 Star Drag Reel Tekota
TEK600 Star Drag Reel Tekota
TEK700LC Star Drag Reel Tekota
TEK800LC Star Drag Reel Tekota
TN12A Star Drag Reel Trinidad A
TN16DC Conventional Reel Trinidad DC
TN20DC Conventional Reel Trinidad DC
TN30DC Conventional Reel Trinidad DC
TN16N Conventional Reel Trinidad DC
TN16NA Drag Reel Trinidad A
TS40 Lever Drag Torsa
TYR20II Lever Drag Tyrnos 2-Speed
TYR-30II Lever Drag Tyrnos 2-Speed
TYR50IILRS Lever Drag Tyrnos 2-Speed

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