Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Revo STX Smoothdrag Carbon Drag Set

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CD111 - Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Revo STX Smoothdrag Carbon Drag Set

This Set Will Fit The Reels Listed Below:

ABU STX, STX-HS, SX, S, SC, Inshore, Winch, 2010 Premier

Winch, Orra Inshore, Rocket Revo, ALF, ALX

Revo MGX2 MGX2-HS 26-00, Revo3 Premier, Rocket, S, STX, SX, Winch

Bass Pro Qualifier PQX10HD  Bass Pro Carbonlite BP Qualifier 2

Pfleuger Patriarch 64LP 71LP 79LPX XT64LPX, President Baitcaster 2LP 18-02

Supreme 71LPX XT64LPX, XT71LP LPX


SmoothDrag Carbon Fiber drag washers offer the best stopping power and smoothness than any other drag system. Has a great high heat tolerance too. Smooth Drag washers deliver up to 20% more drag power and a smoother drag across the board than the original felt drag washers.  They eliminate drag jerking due to sticking drags that can cause line breakage.  SmoothDrag washers last much longer than factory drag washers and are less sensitive to moisture.

Amazing Smoothness and stopping power.  No more lost fish due to sticking drags.

 These Carbon washers are shipped dry. For optimum performance, we recommend a light coating of drag grease.  We offer 1/2oz and 2oz containers of Cal's Universal Drag and Reel Grease, Shimano Universal Drag and Reel and DadsOleTackle White Lithium
Universal Drag and Reel Grease

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