Cal's Purple Universal Reel & Star Drag Grease 1 LB.Tub

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ONE (FDA Compliant Durable Polystyrene Plastic Jar with Screw on/off Top for easy use) full of approximately 1lb. of Cal's Purple Cold Weather Universal Reel & Star Drag Grease for cold weather climates. Grease and Jar are Made in USA
  • Baby skin smooth, ultra-consistent star drag performance 
  • Safe use on anodized and plated surfaces.
  • Safe use on all common plastics, drag materials, seals and o-rings used in reels.
  • Incredible salt-water corrosion protection on all metals, including aluminum, steel, and brass.
  • Superior resistance to heat and breakdown in drags and reels (Dropping point is >500°F!).
  • Minimal grease "creep" - it stays where you put it.
  • Reduced gear-drive friction for easier cranking

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